Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Entry - hurray.


I have to admitt I am quite excited about the whole idea since this is my first blog. And I actually now what I want to present in it. ;) I do have a personal site with pictures and everything, but as I have created it ages ago, it seems quite hard for me to manage it properly. In one word - I am not good in creating and managing a site. Or else - I am not so bad but it takes a lot of time, which I do not have. Any free time I have I'd rather spend on doing sth else ;)

Internet provides us with a lot of usefull tools, and I guess we should take the benefit of it.

I am not going to post my old works here. Not today anyway,

Today I'm going to post my recent digital work. It's called "Game Over" and it's been posted here:,, on,, and


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  1. woooooooww this is amazing ! Is it possible for you to post some close-ups ? It would be great ;) The hair looks so real, the dress is beautiful, I love the colours you use and the background is stunning ! Here is my deviantart, I'm not at your level but you are inspirering me :

    Have a nice week !